The beneficent principle of post-capitalist, industrial, technologically advanced and fully democratic societies, without socio-economic classes or State (a.k.a. socialist/communist societies)
José Catarino Soares [*]

Abstract Socialism or communism (I am using these words interchangeably) requires a definite stage of development of technology. This stage was only reached at the end of the 20th century with the synergetic convergence of several technologies:  one-dimensional and two-dimensional…

Crise do Socialismo no Mundo
João Bernardo [*]

«O socialismo morreu. Falar dele é fazer a sua oração fúnebre». Esta frase, que podia ter sido publicada na Folha de São Paulo de hoje, foi escrita por um obscuro jornalista francês, Louis Reybaud, em 1854. O socialismo estava então morto no…

Democratic Planned Socialism: Feasible Economic Procedures
Al Campbell [*]

Introduction Over the years, many socialists have written about the undesirability or impossibility of using markets in an authentic  socialist society. Well-known early advocates of this position include Marx (1875), Bellamy (1888), Kautsky (1892), Bukkarin and Preobrazhensky (1919), and Neurath…

Marx and Engels’  Vision of a Better Society Al  Campbell [*]
Marx and Engels in the printing office of the Neue Rheinische Zeitung. 1848. Oil canvas by E.N. Sapiro.

Marx and Engels’ Vision of a Better Society
Al Campbell [*]

Abstract.  Not withstanding their much noted aversion to detailing the nature of a post-capitalist society, Marx and Engels indeed have a broad vision of such a better society that both runs through and informs their entire lives' work. It is…